Monday, January 7, 2008

Goals for Semester 2

My goals for this semester? Well this is an easy question; I want to achieve an A in this class. I had said this last semester, but I did not achieve it because I did not do the certain things that I wanted to actually complete my goal. For example, I wanted to complete every assignment, though I did not which hurt my grade especially by not doing some of the PLN entries which hurt my overall grade, so I ended with a B. I really enjoy this class and the assignments, so the only problem is that sometimes I slack off, which I will try not to do this semester. I also want to do better in CSAP's especially in the essay portion of the test. I want to improve in writing my topic paragraphs and conclusions. I also want to improve attention getters for my topics. I think last semester really helped in working on thesis' when we wrote them for quizzes during Peace like a River. It was nice to learn how to make them into one sentence and to learn to add the most important points that you are talking about because I tend to ramble on. I also thought it helped to be able to redo it and I was then able to get 20 on all of them on the first try. Now I know what the reader or grader expects. I really want to get advanced on the CSAP's or at least proficient and I can do this by doing all the assignments for practice so I will improve in my essay writings.