Monday, March 10, 2008

School Ballad

In groups of 3-4, write a ballad about school. Remember ballads are poems that tell stories, so what is the story of your school? Also, keep in mind that this ballad needs to have a rhyme scheme, 5 stanzas and 4 lines per stanza. Only one member of the group needs to post the group's poem as a comment. Please identify all group memebers on the poem, but only use first names. Good luck and be creative.


Josh TS said...

I go to AHS, during lunch and classes
But we can’t wear hats.
Would you pass your homework to the back?
Would you pass your homework to the back?

*DING* school is done!
*DING* school is done!
I gotta run
Let’s start to run

We got PLN’s
And more
Yet still no hats

Would you pass your homework to the back?
Would you pass your homework to the back?
*DING* class is done!
*DING* class is done!

Where is the bell?
Can’t hear the bell!
Wait for the bell!
*DING*… school… is… done…


samh said...

"Arapahoe High School"
By: Kelly and Sam

Arapahoe High School,
brave and strong.
We even have,
Our own fight song.

Here we live like Warriors,
But fight like a tribe.
Our spirit gives off,
A mighty cool vibe.

Teachers love it here,
And students do too.
Ever since the day,
We made our debut.

Success in the classroom,
And on the field.
Arapahoe makes
All other teams yield.

Juniors and Seniors,
ruling the halls.
Their proud voices,
Bounce off the walls.

laurene said...

School ballad
By: Alena Viar, Lauren Elliott, and Annie Sexton

Water splashing the face,
Grass brushing against cleats,
Bars crossing your face.

Friends, family, and teammates cheering you on.
Coaches screaming go go go!
We strive to be the best
So we go against other teams and refs
The harder we work, the further we get

Working together, Practicing everyday
We will succeed in winning
High school sports, tougher than they look.

joeyw said...

I'm on my way over to school
because, i'm super cool
I got my new notebook
everyone trying to get a look

Go to my first class
They tell me it should be a blast
I take some notes
and write down some quotes

In the hall on the way to lunch
Its so crowded i hope i dont get a punch
I hustle my way out of school
At least im not a slow fool

I gotta walk home cause i got no ride
But i still go home with warrior pride
I'm sittin' around doin' my homework
Got to get to my job cause i work as a clerk


angelicao said...

School I guess
You could
Say is okay
For a kid who
Didn't have
Much to Say

Nothing went
Right some
Do say, but
Friends were
The ones
There to
Make it

School I guess
You could
Say is alright
For the work
Is hard and
the drama tiring
O why why must school be so stress filled

But one day
I will call school cool
I will someday say it is the one place that rules
Though people will call me a fool
Someday i will call school cool

Maybe I will even own a pool
All cause I went to school

Mandi G
Angelica O
Sean B

adama said...


by:Adam and Levi

You go to school every day
So when you grow up you get a good pay
It may be boring now
But when your done you'll just say wow

You will go to english and math
The key classes on your path
If you go along in the bend
It will help you in the end

As long as you get through it now
You will not have a cow
And as long as you get it out of the way
You will be thankful one day

As you sit in class
You will see the time pass
And it may seem tough and hard
But just play it card by card

So know you know
Don't be a bozo
So don't be a fool
And go to School

avereel said...

What Happens When You Email In Class
By Jackie Ng, Xavia H, Averee L

Taking out my laptop,
Hoping she wont see,
I’m checking all the emails
My friends keep sending me.

She walks over to my table,
I shut my laptop tight.
But, of course, she still noticed,
The texts were in her sight.

I ran to the closet,
To grab a charger cable.
Knocked over a laptop
As my knee hit the table.

I fell with a crash,
Knocked over some books.
My teacher was laughing,
I got funny looks.

I slumped back to my seat,
Looking red for all to see.
And there, on my laptop,
Another email to read.

Leslie Lim said...

I would like to share it with all my friends and hope they will like it too.