Thursday, March 6, 2008

Free Poem

Here is the post you have been waiting for! You can write about anything, and in any form. Post your poem here as a comment.


Jackien2011 said...


Rain starts with one single drop on the ground
Shining puddles everywhere are found
Stand on top of the world and see
The earth's nature in the perfect way it should be
Leaves, snow, rain, and sun
Seasons are never done
The snow on your frosted window glass
The frozen dew on the grass
Photos of memories laying on the ground
Many inspirations are surely found
Spring coming ahead
Warmth and flowers all blooming in red
The umbrella laying on the lawn
Beautiful sunsets rising in the dawn
Spring rain is such a sensation
Everyday is an inspiration

angelicao said...
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berekm said...


My favorite snack
Could give me a heart attack
So just tell me why
Bacon why would you want
To make me die

I could eat you for hours
So fast I divoure
This salty treat
That is kind of like meat

So please just explain to me
Why bacon would make me flea
Is it the grease or fat
I would not eat something like that

angelicao said...

Sometimes I like to watch the clouds
They move slowly and gracefully
Clouds bring us rain and snow
Without them we would be lost

Sometimes I dream about being a cloud
I want to be as graceful and beautiful as the clouds
I want to have a purpose in this world like the clouds
I want someone to need me as much as we need the clouds

Sometimes I look for shapes in the clouds
I see faces and hearts
Are those shapes really there?
Or just my imagination

Sometimes I think about the cloud faces
For they were not just any faces
They were the faces of the people most important to me
What are the clouds trying to tell me

Sometimes I watch the clouds and dream
Dream of the perfect life
Dream of being graceful and important and beautiful
I dream of being a cloud

ethan l said...
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ethan l said...

A hycoo by Ethan

Speed is the best part
But jumps are very fun too
Snowboarding is great

joeyw said...

The thick red line
cuts through the ice
as your opponent and you
line up for the face-off
time sets,
the ref skates over to the center dot
parents cheer,
siblings laugh,
players joke,
and then silence, as the puck drops
sticks clash,
shoulders bump,
kids fall,
and with pure luck
someone puts a puck into the net
as it all starts over,

-Joey W.

adama said...

You run down the field as fast as you can
No one to beat you just you and your man
You sprint for the goal
No one can stop you

You beat the Last defender
No just you and the goalie
You approach to take the final shot
You get closer and closer

and shoot the ball
it flies through the air and your are waiting
you make it and the crowd goes wild
you won the game

annies said...
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annies said...

Late nights
Water fights

Sleeping in
Sneaking out

At pools by day
At parties by night

Lemonade in hand
Toes in sand

Dirty flip flops
Shorts and tank tops

All I want is summer!

avereel said...

Whispering wind

Sitting in the meadow,
Listening to the trees.
Wondering were the wind goes,
After playing with the leaves.
The grass kisses my fingers,
As I lay down on the ground.
The flowers’ sweet smell lingers,
The wind whispers a strange sound.

I hear a gentle calling,
The wind, it whispers loud.
I look into a blue sky,
And gaze upon a cloud.
I follow with my hazel eyes,
A breeze that travels east.
A happiness I cannot hide
A music that will never cease.

I giggle as it passes,
And plays with strands of hair.
I listen as it whispers,
Gentle flowing without care.
I wonder were the wind hides,
As it whispers songs to me.
It’s secrets come from every side,
And will not let me be.

alenav said...

summertime is the best
it doesn't compare to the rest
staying out all night
no more fights we'll do it right

all day at the pool
becaues we're just that cool
getting tan
laying in the sand

friends are all around
forever we're bound
summer is all we see
summer is all we need

samh said...

“Dancing on the Field”

Stepping on the field,
With the ball at your feet
Oh the smell of victory,
Just so sweet.

Standing on that grass,
Listening to the crowd.
Their cheering your name,
Wow you must be proud.

To hear the chanting on and on,
Brings you back to the dreaming of childhood,
Lying on your front lawn,
Wishing you were Mia Hamm.

Now you've made it,
You're finally there.
Your game is being broadcast,
Live in Time Square.

You've made it to the “big time”
You've finally got it right.
Your greatest dream reveled,
You're dancing on the field.

kellyS said...


This is my escape my cover place,
Where I go inside to my own space.

Inside my mind where I can feel,
Inside my heart is where I heal.

Rhythms and beats, melodies and tones,
I feel the music rush through my bones.

No stress, no worries, just relaxation,
As I blare the radio on my favorite station.

The world goes blank as I fall into a sea of sheets,
Singing so loudly as the chorus repeats.

This is my escape where I can get away,
This wonderful feeling is here to stay

NowlanS said...

Oh how i want to shred
Every minute away from the slopes i dread
I love the speed and the thrill
I like to tear up that hill

Snowboarding is the way to go
The the snow and the board flow
Is to amazing to explain
Even if there is a little pain

You can go in the park
Which will make you spark
You can also hit a trail
And will feel like you could sail

Snowboarding is great fun
It is better then to walk or run
It will make you fell so alive
It will cause you to revive

mandig said...

The morning so dark
A star still int e sky
With a chill that whispers
Through the air, then
All dies

Look into the mirrior
What do you see,
But a reflection
Looking onto you

Deep thought
Lay memories
A side only
One thing is
On the mind
Nothing seems
To matter,
But the one
On your mind

The day is
Dark only
For a while,
But once you
See the face
You've been
Waiting for
It's all
Worth its