Monday, September 3, 2007

What Matters To Me - BerekM

What is meaningful to me?My family means the most to me. My dad for showing me how to do things, teaching me how to get along in life, supporting my lacrosse, and enjoying watching me play which means a lot to me. My mom for always being there for me and helping me with anything. She too comes and watchs me play lacrosse. She supports me and buys me all the sticks and gloves and everything I need. She is nice and smart just like my dad. When I get hurt she knows how to make it go away and heal because she’s a professor in sports medicine. It’s like having a personal trainer at my house. My sister is only four but I’m sure when we get older we will get closer than we already are, even though she is annoying.My friends in NY mean a lot to me still. They call me everyday forgetting I started school and get mad at me when I don’t call them back. We used to have so much fun. We walked to town, played lacrosse, long boarded, swam and jumped off stuff. Ill never forget them. My closer friends meant a lot to me too. I could tell them anything and they did the same to me. I helped them and in return they helped me. My best friend was like my brother and his family was like my second family. I called his mom “mom”. When I go back in the summer and winter I will stay at his house along with my other best friend. His family was like my family too. I knew him for 14 years and he meant a lot to me and I was really sad to leave him and everyone else. Right now I don’t know a lot of people but I’m sure that in a little while I will meet some cool people and they will eventually mean something to me.Lacrosse means so much to me. I live for lax. When I get home I play for at least 2 hours then after hw I go back out until dark. I don’t know why I love it so much but I’m happy I do. I want to do good in school because even if your amazing at lacrosse but you have bad grades your not going to go to a D1 college. Coming from Long Island, New York lacrosse was played all around me and that meant a lot to me. I also found out that one of my goals came true that meant a lot to me and that was making Varsity as a freshman at my old high school. But since I moved I didn’t get the chance to play I was upset and the coach was upset. But lacrosse out here in CO will probably mean a lot to me as the years go on and the team becomes a family just like my old team.


annies said...

I'm your friend!

laurene said...

Your blog was amazing!
My mom grew up in the same place as weird!

adama said...

Wow that's long and that would be cool to play division I lacrosse like you said in your other one.