Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Matters


What matters? What matters to me? A lot of things matter to me. My family matters, sports matter, school matters, friends matter, and just life in general matters. My family, my family matters for many reasons. Not only do they help you through everything and rough times but they’re there for you all the time. The family reunions, the family road trips, and going over to someone’s house for the holidays. Messing around with your siblings is always a fun thing to do too. So, your family matters.

Sports, sports and physical activity have always mattered to me. From playing soccer to baseball to lacrosse to hockey they have all been fun and exciting in every way. I think sports are all good exercise and create fun, and healthy competition and a great bond with teammates that you can’t get anywhere else.

School, even though you don’t like it, matters. Where would the world be today without education? Probably still in the Stone Age. A lot of kids (including me) don’t like school but it’s necessary to get educated well and obtain a good job. You may dread going but at the end of the day it’s not all the hard plus a lot of your good friends come from school and you can always make it fun with them.

Another thing that matters a lot is friends and companions. They’re there to always listen and discuss things you need to talk about. You can do fun activities with them and just someone to hang out with when your bored. You help each other through life and will always be great friends.

A final thing that matters is just life in general. You should be happy you’re alive and not throw life away or waste. Through out your life you’ll have ups and downs; fun times and bad times but to enjoy it, learn from your mistakes and bad times and turn them around into fun and great times.

So, clearly you can see family, sports, school, friends, and life all matter a lot to me.

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JOEY! Your blog is really cool!