Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Matters?

My family
My family is one of the most important aspects of my life and is one of the things that matter to me the most. I have the most funniest, supporting and pushiest family ever. My family consist of five people My mom, step dad, older sister and my younger brother.
First there is my sister Justine, she is my best friend and the person who is always going to make me laugh when I need it. She is a lot of the times a pain in the butt, a is always picking on me. Then again she is very short for her age, so my whole family and I always use that against her. She is also the trouble maker of the family and is very crazy and willing to do anything. My sister would jump off a thirty story building if she thought is would be fun.
Second there is my younger brother Jacob, the baby of the family. He is a whole other story, he is the buggiest person to me in the world. He gets all the attention from my mom because he is the youngest and the only boy. The thing that bugs me the most though is that he knows he is the baby and takes advantage of it. Therefore I'm always in trouble for nagging or getting mad at him. At the end of the day i know that i love him even though he dose crawl under my skin.
Thirdly there is my step dad Shawn. I have know him for all most 8 years, him and my mom got married after what seemed a thousand years of dating. It cool having him around even though he isn't my real dad he is a big help and motivator for me. He is also very full of life, personality and cockiness. Then again that is why we all like him, kind of.
Last but certainly not the least my mom. She is the most caring mom ever, it may come out as if she didn't but you can tell that it is care. She is very strict with everyone, but mostly me. Always yelling, telling me to so something, pushing me to do better, thats her all right. She expects me to do good and to succeed in life and not end up like her. Wanting better for me doesn't always come out that way, but I know that is what she is trying to across to me.

My mind
My mind education and staying true to myself I another thing that matters to me. Getting an education and becoming the first one of my family members to go to collage is very important to me. Good grades, determination and the right decisions will get me there, so saying focus and not letting little things that don't matter get in my way is also important. Staying true to my self and not letting anyone or anything get in the way of my goals and dreams is also something that matters to me. For example saying who i am and not changing for anyone to like me or to hire me or anything else. To always be myself is something that is important to me.

Being Healthy
Being healthy and happy is another thing that matters to me. what I mean by being healthy is physically and mentally. Eating, drinking and exercising is important to me because if you are physically healthy i think you are mentally healthy. When you body is drained of toxins then your mind and thoughts are much clearer.

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