Friday, August 24, 2007

What Matters

Family. They mean so much to me, they are always there for me and will always be too. My mom always helps me get through lots of things including school, any problems I usually I have, and pretty much anything else. My dad has always taught me so much and I know I can always apply it to my life which gets me through hard times. My sister has become my role model, we have bonded ever since I was little. We have so much fun together and we always talk; now that she is off to college I will miss her and remember all of those memories we have had. Family is something that can never be replaced and will always be held in a spot in my heart.

Friends. I really would not know what i'd do without all of my friends. Each and every single one of them are here for me, no matter what. We have had the best times and they are very supportive of me. They comfort me when i'm sad, and celebrate with me when i'm happy. They give me a push when I need it, and help me back up when I fall. I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in the world.

My faith. My faith is very important to me because I am a Christian and I want to grow stronger in my relationship with God. He has been there for me through the toughest times, and He can be life changing. I have been on the path of God since I was very little, I want to know the Lord more and grown in Him as I get older.

School. Education matters to me a lot, even though a symbol of that is not up there in the collage. All of us really do take school for granted, because alot of people in other countries don't get a education as much as they want one. School is important to me because I really want to learn a lot and work hard through it. I would like to continue on to college someday after high school, and to succeed from then on. Education is part of life and definitely matters.


alenav said...

I love your pictures! It looks like friends and family mean a lot to you. I like what you wrote about your friends, its so true. I really like what you wrote for everything.

Xavia H2011 said...

Great paper JACKIEN, and I love the pictures. I'm glad that friends, family, faith, and education matter to you. And I wish your sister luck in college.