Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Matters to Me: Xavia

My Family: My family is very important to me because they are really helpful and supportive. Many of us probably have said the same things, but to me they mean a whole lot more than these few words I type on this page. First of all, I want to begin with my mom. She has always been the one who organizes our fun activities so that we can spend more time enjoying ourselves and less time woryring about other things. she loves to bake and is great at it and is still coming up with great new ideas. Whenever my siblings or I have a certain idea, she is always there to support it whether or not it is always the best decision. She likes to emphasize the idea that we need to make our own decisions and to focus on our responsibilities. Next, my dad. My dad is very special. He is a police officer and works as a crime scene detective. He is someone I look up to because he is brave, smart and has made a big influence on my life. Since he works nights and my mom works during the day, he is usually the on who takes us places during the day. Third, my sister. Her name is Christina and she is 13 years old. She is very close to me and pretty much my best friend. We always do things together even though she does get on my nerves at times. Still, I couldn't imagine life without her. Last, my brother Joshua. He just recently turned 7 this past Wednesday. He is such a cutie (sometimes) and it has been a rollercoaster ride to see him grow up. He is a very fast and smart little boy and will always be a wild child!

My Friends: My friends are great. We have so much fun together and and are always having a good time. We are always there for each other and you can almost always find us together in our little group. My friends are, Elizabeth Carlson, Mackenzie Marlowe, Aubre Romberger, Michelle McNeil, and Kendra Carmickle. Of course I have other friends, but these are the greatest of them all!

My Education: Education is very important to me because it shapes my whole future. So I am always trying to succeed in all my classes and be on the Honor Roll. I have been on the Honor Roll all six or seven times they held it and this makes me very proud.

Volleyball,Pets,and Religion: These are the thigs that are not shown in my pictures, but are still quite important to me. Volleyball is something i have done for three years and have made it to the Arapahoe team! Volleyball is something I like to do for fun and competively. My favorite position is middle blocker and is a very fun position. Volleyball is a very fun sport and I hope to do it all through highschool. I had three pets, but sadly two of them have died. I had a dog named Rocky, and a cat named Fina. I still have our white cat named Pinky after his pink ears. Religion is also important and is part of my week. As a family, we all go to church and then talk to our relatives who also attend with us.


Jackien2011 said...

Xavia, I love how your words give meaning to them, and you seem like such a good student in school.

avereel said...

I loved your paper. It was very thorough and easy to read. I like being able to read something and not be lost by it. You are a great writer.