Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Matters

My Family- My family is by far the biggest part of my life and it consists of my brothers Tyler and Kevin and my mom. Everyday they are there for me I've gone through so many rough times with them and every second they are behind me. We can enjoy anything together,well that makes since because we live together they have impacted my life so much i cant even describe the so many memories, good or bad we have grown to love each other.You can talk to them about anything and the amazing part is not matter how bad you mess up they will be standing by your side the whole time. My family that is not immediate the big people are my cousins James and Sierra they are some of the greatest people i have ever meet.They are so amazing i get along with them so well we just connect and always have a great time.My family matters to me so much and thats why.

My friends- They are a huge part of my life they make all my days great and we always have a good time. My best friends are Bryan Jameson Brandon Andrew we can always have a great time we, by doing skateboarding and snowboarding which we always do on daily bases. I have known them all since 6th grade and they have changed my life for the better and made it incredible. Whenever something happens they always are on my side no matter what situation. Pretty much they mean so much to me and i don't know what i could do without them they matter a lot.

My dog- My dog Khole is a very important part of my life she means the world to me. Whenever i am down she comes up to me licks me and always puts a smile on my face its so amazing how comforting she is to me. I can just chill with her and she is really fun to be around My dog matters a lot without her some things just wouldn't be the same.

Skateboarding- This is my life i do it and it is just so fun and it is so enjoyable. I love the feeling when you land a trick then you keep on progressing. Me and my friends do this all the time it is just are way of hanging out its an adventure figuring out new tricks and in the end you are so proud of your self. Skateboarding matters to me a lot i love it.

Snowboarding- This is like such a fun thing to do it matters to me a lot. I love the lines you can come up with trick after trick just having a good time with your friends. My favorite part is when you land ride away and your like what did i just do that. Then riding the chairlift up talking about how incredible that just was. This is another way me and my friends hangout and the progression in this is awesome to. I love trying to top someones trick it is so fun just going big i miss it so much in the summer. Snowboarding matters to me
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kellyS said...

I think you did a really good job on describing every part of your life and what's important to you. You're a good writer! Your dog is cutie! That's really cool how dedicated you are to skateboarding and snowboarding, I used to skate and still attempt it but get frustrated. I think it's awesome how you stick with it! Fantastic job Brandon!

alexe said...

Its sweet that you and your friends skateboard and make videos, keep it up

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I like how descriptive you were in your blog, and its cool that skateboarding and snowboarding is important to you.