Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Matters

Faith- This is something that plays a humongous role in my life. God gave me all the things in my life that matter so without him I wouldn't have anything. I try to go to church as much as possible and I'm just constantly trying to surround myself with people to help move towards God.

Family- I'm not very close to many of my relatives such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on, but I couldn't be closer to my little family of three. My Mom(Christy), My sister(Katy), and I. My mom is my biggest role model and she has taught me so many valuable lessons in life. She's the bravest, most kindest person I am so fortunate to know and to have. Then, my sister Katy, is also a huge influence in my life. We actually get along most of the time and when we do argue we usually end up laughing about whatever dumb thing we were fighting about in the first place. She has helped me through a lot of things both good and bad and has just always been there to have a good laugh.

Friends- I have a wide variety of friends and I love that! My Friends are the ones who support me, help me, grow with me, and most importantly just have fun with me! Without my friends I have no idea where I would be today they are what helps make me, me.

Pets- All my life I have always lived with some kind of pet. Usually a cat but I have had my dog Shelby since I was about 6. My pets are very important to me because they have showed me love and compassion and taught me to be responsible. I'm going to be getting a puppy soon named Lucy/Lucy Loo very shortly so I'm very excited for that!

Sports- I have always been an athletic girl. It's just something I grew up with. I love soccer that's my favorite sport but also enjoy swimming, basketball, and almost any other sport! Sports help me relax and stay in shape.

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avereel said...

I realy enjoyed your paper. I totally agree with you about family and friends. They play a big role in my life and it is cool that they are so important to you too.