Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What matters to me

What matters to me most are family, friends, faith, and health. My family is always there. Whether I want them to be there or not they always are. I definitely don’t know what I would do without them to make me feel better when im sick or had a bad day or just to keep me company. Friends are always the people who keep me going. When I feel like nothing is going right I always have my friends there to brighten my day or try to help me out of tricky situations. Faith impacts everything I do. If I don’t believe in it or it goes against my religion then it is out of the question. Health is a huge part or everyone’s life. It keeps me feeling good about my body and happy. People who aren’t healthy are less happy than healthy people are. These are four huge aspects of my life and without them I don’t know how I would function. I depend on them.

I have a big Italian family who is always in each other’s business and there are no secrets whether you like it or not. I am also a triplet so even at school I am with my family. Also one of my many cousins goes to my school also. I am not only a triplet but I also have a 12 year old little sister named silvana. I may sound like im complaining but I love having such a big family. I go to my sister stef for everything like clothes, guys, school, and secrets. My little sister is always trying to be me. She buys the same type of clothes, has the same type hair cut, and likes the same kind of music. She will never admit it but everyone can see it. My sister Olivia is always competing with me for better grades because she knows she will win. When we aren’t competing we are normally gossiping or giving each other advice. My parents are crazy! They act as if they aren’t the age they are. My dad runs the family business and still has time to sail and power paraglide. My mom is a photographer and continues to get better for she goes to classes and CU and still has time to take care of us. Talk about multi-tasker.

Some days my friends seem to be the only reason for living. When my family doesn’t understand they always do. When I go to school they are the only thing I look forward to. They always brighten my day. I tell my best friend kailiegh all my secrets and do everything with her. During Cross-Country when it seems I have to run endless miles and I can’t go on any longer my friends are always there to say keep going, there isn’t much more to go. They also keep me busy on the weekends. I love all my friends and could not survive without them.

Some people don’t have a religion at all and all I can think is “How do they make decisions?” Every action I take has to agree with my personal beliefs or my religion. Every Sunday I go to Saint Thomas More to hear the word of the lord. Some people make fun of me for sticking by what I believe in but if I don’t then I will be shaped into a person that I really don’t want to be. Faith impacts my every action and I have no clue how people go through life without a religion. I would die without it.

For some people it doesn’t seem important. Being healthy is what makes me keep going. It tends to get hard sometimes but all I need to say is it will keep me from getting fat as my dad told me when I joined cross-country. It also makes me feels strong. Before I did sports I felt this pent up energy inside of me that needed to be let out. Exercise is one way to get it out. Being healthy also makes you happier. You confidence levels is way higher and because exercise gets all the negative stuff out of you, replacing it with happiness. You are able to do more things also when you are healthier such as playing soccer with some friends or winning a soccer tournament. It helps me out everyday and if I wasn’t healthy my life would be so much harder than it already is.

These four parts of my life matter to me more than anything. Everyday life depends on these things. Family, friends, faith, and health all show me the true meaning of life... My reason for living. It’s not about material things like cell phones, ipods, computers, money, clothes, shoes, ect. It’s about the love from your family and friends, expanding your mind, standing by your beliefs and taking care of your body and staying healthy.


avereel said...
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avereel said...

You are such a good writer. It is so cool that your religion is such a big part of your life. Religion is a big part of my life too and it is nice to know I am not theonly onewho feels that way.

Anonymous said...

Angelica, you seem like a good writer and I love your blog.