Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family: Family matters to me because they are there for me when I need them. They are different than friends because they never would leave you or betray you in any way. I have a mom, a dad, and an older brother. My mom andI are best friends, I can always go and talk to her about anything. She has my back when I need it the most and that's when I get in disagreements with my friends. My mom isn't like my other friends because i know that she can keep all my secrets, she gives advice that is better than most peoples, and most importantly she won't start rumors with what i tell her or stab me in the back. My mom is always there on my side, holding me up right. When i struggle in anything she's always there to help me get through my problems. I love her more than world. My dad and i don't have the relationship my mom and i do. Him and I usually talk about sports and school. I like talking to him about that though because he helps me stay focused on the things I really want to do and achieve in my life. My dad matters to me because without him my mind would be everywhere. I love him more than anything. Finally my brother and I are just like my mom and I. We are also best friends. I like talking to him too about things because since he is a teenager he understands what i am going through and will always be there for me.I love him and my whole family.

Friends: Friends are important to me because they are my other support system. They have my back and i have theirs. We argue over many things but than laugh a few minutes later. I have 6 true best friends and they are Carly, Annie, Sarah, Ashlyn, Victoria[tori], and Katie. These six girls mean a lot to me because they have never left my side, stabbed me in the back, and they always are there helping me. When I'm around my friends we always have a good time. We make the most and best inside jokes there are and can still remember all of them. I like hanging out with my friends more because they are the same age and can relate to me more than anyone. We struggle together sometimes but always get through it together. We all made a promise to be best friends forever. I always say that our memories may fade but our friendships will last forever.
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Jackien2011 said...

Lauren, I love how detailed you are in your paragraphs. And you give great examples.

angelicao said...

I love that you are so close with your family cause im not and im really jealous. But I also like going to my siblings cause they can relate to me. I thought that you did a good job at explaining your family and your friends. Also your pictures rock!

annies said...

Annie seems like a really cool kid!! I love you Lauren and your blog is amazing