Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What maters to me? Many things mater to me in all shapes and sizes.
First, my family matters to me.
My family is defiantly a large one.
Family is there for you no mater what happens.
My family consists of 2 sets of parents, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and 3 dogs. One set of parents (the Tongens) are Todd and Andrea. They recently got married this summer in Florida. The other set of parents (the Stewarts) are Sue and Phil. Who have been married since I was six. My Brothers are Cory who is a junior at Mountain Vista. Cyle who is a 4th grader at Mark Twain and yes his name is Cyle instead of Kyle. And last but not least Joey who is a 1st grader at Mark Twain.
My Sisters are Christina who is also a junior at Mountain Vista. Sydney who is an 8th grader at Mountain Ridge. And finally Tori who is also a 4th grader but at Sand Creek.
My dogs names are Steve who is a Beagle along with his brother Max. the newest addition to the family is LALA who is a 3month old Shitzoo.
Another very important thing to me is music.
I listen to music every day as much as I can.
When I sleep, when I skateboard, pretty much doing anything. I have a huge taste in music. I like everything form 80’s Rock to Old School Rap. Metal to Techno and everything in between. My favorite bands are either lamb Of God or Megadeth. Sadly however I have never been to a concert.
Lastly, friends are HUGE part of my life.
Friends are the next best thing to family. I am fortunate to have the most amazing friends any one can ask for. First of all my absolute best friend Brian. We have been best friends since infancy. I talk to him every day and he is the first person I think of inviting to anything. Another amazing friend is Kody. Yes its Kody with a k instead of a c. we have also been friends since preschool. I also have many friends that I have made recently including Lauren, Hannah, Jeremiah and so many others.
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Jackien2011 said...

Josh, I like how descriptive you are, and I agree music can be so important. It might have been better if you seperated your sections, but overall its pretty good.

alenav said...

Well I totally agree with Jackie. Music is amazing! You have some pretty cool pictures on there. Having all your siblings go to all different schools is pretty interesting too.

colleennO said...

your my bestfriend