Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dennis k what matters

To me, there are many things in life that "matter". Personally, there are three significant things in my life that matter. They are as follows: my family, my education, and my friends. A family is the greatest privilege that I posses. They are not only kind and compassionate, but they excel in everything that they do. This may be caring for me, providing a home and food, etc. Whenever I am faced with a tough decision, or don't understand something in school I can always rely on my family for help. Because of the accelerated nature of my parents, I have gained a great appreciation for academics and school in general. To me, it is of up most importance that success is met in every class whether it be by achieving sufficient grades, or pleasing teachers with intellect. I understand that my future hinges on my performance in high school, and because of this, I am incredibly motivated. My friendship with others is also am important entity in my life. They, like my family, are always there to comfort me and to have a good time. These are the three most important things in my life.

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