Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friends: My friends matter to me because their always there for me no matter what it is. With out my friends i would most likely die because they are that important to me and have been that big of influences on my life. No matter what happens in my life my friends are always the first ones to be there for me, and push me to excel, and get over what ever is bothering me.

Family: My family is also extremely important to me, mostly because no matter what i do their usually there to support me. Everyone in my family gives me important advice that they know to excel in life, and that they have learned from their mistakes. My family like my friends will always be there for me when I'm ever in a time of need. The most influential people in my family include, my dad, my mom, my uncles, my step dad, my cousins, and mostly my grandma. Each one of these people have been major impacts in my life. My family also includes my two dogs Buddy, and Ozzy, even though they can be stubborn at times and frustrate me, but they are two of my best friends.

School: School also matters to me a lot. Mostly because it gives everyone a chance to exceed in life and help you get a good job, so you can support your future family.

Staying active: Staying active also matters to me a lot. Mostly because i like to stay fit so i can live a full healthy life. My favorite way to stay active is skiing, i love it with a passion, i plan i racing next year, and it also keeps me in really good shape. Also motocross, most people think it's not hard and doesnt take any work, but it is the most physacly demanding sport i have ever done, i love it because it's a thrill and keeps me in great shape in the offseason for football and skiing.

My Future: Thinking of my future really matters to me, because even though i try to excel in school and i do sports i have decided no matter what i will be inlisting in the USMC ( United. States. Marine. Corps). Inlisting in the Marines matters to me because, it gives me a chance in life to exceed in anything i do, and i get to protect our country. Also it will get me in the shape of my life, and like i said earlier, staying active and fit really matters to me.
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Xavia H2011 said...

Great post! You have some great pictures. It is so cool that you motorcross and I love to ski to! How long have you done skiing, and are you on a team in the winter fo skiing? It is also very interesting that you have chose to inlist at USMC. I hope you exceed in your goals and acheive your dreams!