Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Family- Family is the most important thing in my life. I have a mom, dad, and brother. All three of them mean the world to me and i would give up anything just to stay with them forever.
My mom is my best friend, i can always count on going to her for anything. It's fun talking to her because she gives me better advice than my friends would and i can trust her. I know that she wouldn't go tell everyone my secrets and won't start rumors about me. My mom and I do disagree with a lot of things though but it brings us closer together. It only brings us closer together because we learn more each other that way and we get to understand where we both are coming from. No matter what though i will always love my mom and not just because i have to but because i want. She means a lot to me and i love her more than the world.
My dad is different than my mom though. Because he is a man he can't really help me out with the girl drama thing. On the other hand he is good at supporting me and keeping me focused on things i really want to achieve and do in my life. He is amazing and i love him more than anything.
My brother is one of the best brothers you can ask for. We fight a lot but in the end we work things out. He also supports me in the things i do but mostly sports. Unlike my dad my brother can help me in tough situations like the silly drama. He can help me with things like that because he has seen it with his friends and knows what it feels like to be a teenager. Without him life would be 10 times harder and im about to face that hard life because in one more year he will be in college. I love him with my heart.

Friends- My friends are the other important thing in my life. They are my other support system.
I have 6 true best friends. They are Carly, Annie, Ashlyn, Sarah, Victoria[torie], and Kaite. They are my true best friends because they have always been on my side and holding me steady. They never have stabbed me in the backed or left me for others. I can count on them for catching me when i fall and most importantly hurt an
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annies said...
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alenav said...

You have a lot of really cute pictures. I especially like the picture of the water tampoline that looks like a lot of fun. You write a lot about your family and I think thats great because family is so important.

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