Friday, August 24, 2007

Sam H - What Matters


Family is such an important aspect to my every day life. Family matters to me so much because no matter what situation you are in your family will always be there to back you up and support you. I have one sister who is a sophmore in college and plays college soccer. She has been such an amazing role model for me and a huge supporter of everything I do. I don't even know how many times my family has been there to back me up in good and bad times. Whether it is in education, in soccer, or just dealing with friends, my family is always there to push me and help me through the thick and thin. A families love is never ending.


One thing that i know we all take for granted all the time is my education. When I am sitting in a class and I'm staring at the clock, watching the time go by, I'm always just hoping that some how the school day will end sooner than it would usually, but then I think about the kids in other countries who aren't near as fortunate as I am and who don't have a school to attend because the country doesn't have enough money to build a school. Education is so important and it matter so much, but often times I think it's more or a punishment than a privileged. We will continue using our education throughout the rest of our lives, that is why education matters.


One of my favorite things to in the world is play soccer. Currently I play club and starting in the spring I will be playing for Arapahoe. I can't even explain how much soccer matters to me. It is my life. I would rather be playing soccer than anything. Playing is such a great escape from everything. When I am mad or am just having a hard time, I love going out onto the field and playing. When I see my team everyday at practice, it's like seeing family. I have some of my best friends on my team. Soccer matters to me so much!


Faith is so incredibly important to me. I have grown up in the Lutheran church my entire life and all of my family is religious. God has given me everything in my life and my faith in Him is very important. How I would get through my daily life without my faith and trust in the Lord is beyond me. I can not even count the huge number of blessings that I have. Faith and blessings are two huge things that I definatly take for granted everyday, but they are so important to me.


My friends, where do I even begin? My friends are a huge part of my life. I see my friends almost more than I see my family. Friends are such a huge support system and without them I would be nowhere. Sometimes I think of my friends more as family. I can tell them anything and I can trust them with my deepest, darkest secrets. Friends are forever.

My Team-

What an amazing group of friends i have made on my soccer team! Those girls are my life! My team is so important to me, not only for games or practices, but for life in general. They are my family away from my family, hahaha. When I am with my team I feel like I am at home. They make me feel so special and comfortable. That amazing group of girls are not only awesome athletes, but when you look beyond that, beyond the shin guards and the grass stains, you see friends and people that you can trust. My team is so important to me in every aspect of my life!

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